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The capture and transmission of biometric data – aka Fingerprint Services – is estimated to be a $67.1 billion industry by 2033.

With relatively low barriers to entry, providing fingerprint services is a low-risk, high-reward option for business owners interested in either starting a new enterprise or enhancing their market share by offering this important service.

Whether you are looking to break into this highly lucrative and rapidly growing industry – or are looking to increase your market share – Total Biometrics Solutions’ unique mix of state-of-the-art hardware and flexible, proprietary software solutions provides everything you need!


A license to access Total Biometrics Livescan Software and proprietary, one-of-a-kind business management/scheduling software gives you an automatic edge over your competition.

TBS Livescan Software License

Our fully certified LiveScan Software has been approved to transmit directly to the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), and the Florida Department of Law  Enforcement (FDLE).

Once you hold a valid TBS LiveScan Software license, you are immediately authorized to offer FBI Background Checks, ATF electronic submissions, and FDLE transmissions, as well as print-to-card fingerprint services.

How It Works

What kind of system does this software require?

Our software is compatible with Windows 11 and e5 or newer processors. High-speed internet is required for optimal service.

What are the support options?

Our software license provides a complimentary annual technical support plan for the first year, with an option to renew.

Services include:

  • live support of Livescan and Scheduler software during regular business hours 
  • 24-hour online chatbot assistance 
  • Automated system updates
Are there any special pricing opportunities?
  1. Customers receive a discounted partnership rate when they bundle TBS hardware and software offerings.
  2. Our LiveScan software license comes bundled with our proprietary Management/Scheduling software license.

TBS Management/ Scheduling Software License


This proprietary, innovative software is a management/scheduling system on steroids!

Conceived by a highly successful Fingerprint Provider running multiple locations, this reports-driven system makes it easy for you to:

Manage Appointments

  • Quickly and easily track appointments for the day, week,  month, and year
  • Enroll, process, and confirm any size mobile fingerprinting projects on the go
  • Easily list and track your customized service offerings

Manage Billing

  • See at a glance business metrics for each billing period
  • Extensive reporting options for ease of tracking, invoicing
  • Easily code and track frequent customers to simplify billing

Enhance Marketing

  • Generate promotional codes for discount programs

Set Specifications

This is the most flexible and easily modified management/scheduling software on the market and easily accommodates customer requests. Our developers will work with you to:

  • Set up and run equipment in multiple locations
  • Add two-factor authentication
  • Format reporting for unlimited service locations
  • Customize the interface to connect to your Applications Programming Interface (API)

TBS Hardware Systems

We work hard to offer the best fingerprint-related hardware at the fairest prices in the industry.

All purchase options include:

Remote software installation/training

Complementary technical support for the first year, with an option to renew the support package thereafter.

Support services include live system support during regular business hours as well as 24-hour online chatbot assistance.

Realscan G10 Fingerprint Scanner

  • FBI IAFIS Appendix F
  • Meets/exceeds FBI interoperability standards
  • Works with the Integrated Automated
    Fingerprint Information System (IAFIS)
  • Ensures images used are high
    quality and supports all phases of
    identification for fingerprint experts

Topaz Signature Pads

(basic and advanced models)

  • 4.4-inch display interface
  • Produce authenticate signatures with an electronic pad that uses forensic and biometric capture tools
  • Battery-free digitizing pen designed to withstand repeated use
  • Signature pad with transflective LCD that displays electronic ink under the pen tip 

LiveScan Device ID  

  • Facilitates quick and cost-effective background checks of individuals
  • Makes it simple to capture, print, and send fingerprints to state and federal agencies including the FBI, CJIS, and DOJ
  • Compatible with current ANSI/NIST and FBI EBTS industry standards
  • Can be used for electronic fingerprint submissions to FDLE 

Lexmark Print to Card Printer

  • Photoconductor unit
  • 2.4-inch (60 mm) Color LCD display
  • Integrated Duplex, Single-Sheet Manual Feed, 125-Sheet Output Bin, 250-Sheet Input
  • Size (in. H x W x D) 12.1 x 17.4  x 16.6 

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