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Every successful business begins with a great idea…

Identify a need – or an opportunity – you can provide. This is often the advice given to new entrepreneurs. This critical first step can make or break even the most experienced business owner.

that must be skillfully cultivated…

Successful business owners know that starting a business is the easy part. The many decisions, routine tasks, and strategies required to run a successful business are just as challenging.

to reach its full potential!

Optimizing the potential of any business venture requires time, knowledge, and dedicated resources.

Free up your time and better allocate those resources with the TBS Management/Scheduling software.

Designed with the needs of business owners in mind, our state-of-the-art, innovative software is a management/ scheduling system on steroids!

With this proprietary design, you can automate processes to manage routine tasks – like  appointments, billing, and marketing – necessary to maximize the growth potential of any business.



Management/ Scheduling Software License


This proprietary, innovative software is a management/scheduling system on steroids!

Conceived by a highly successful Fingerprint Provider running multiple locations, this reports-driven system makes it easy for you to:

Manage Appointments

  • Quickly and easily track appointments for the day, week,  month, and year
  • Enroll, process, and confirm any size mobile fingerprinting projects on the go
  • Easily list and track your customized service offerings

Manage Billing

  • See at a glance business metrics for each billing period
  • Extensive reporting options for ease of tracking, invoicing
  • Easily code and track frequent customers to simplify billing

Enhance Marketing

  • Generate promotional codes for discount programs

Set Specifications

This is the most flexible and easily modified management/scheduling software on the market and easily accommodates customer requests. Our developers will work with you to:

  • Set up and run equipment in multiple locations
  • Add two-factor authentication
  • Format reporting for unlimited service locations
  • Customize the interface to connect to your Applications Programming Interface (API)

Seeing is Believing!


Our management/scheduling software is so dynamic and customizable, words can’t do it justice


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