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Supporting Fingerprint Providers

Providing fingerprinting services can be a lucrative option to secure a successful and rapidly growing business opportunity.

As the world’s economy becomes ever more digitized, the need for positive personal identification methods has increased as well.

Creating a relatively low-risk, high-reward opportunity for business owners seeking to either establish themselves as independent fingerprint providers or expand their presence in this still-emerging market.

Starting a business is one thing

Running it successfully is another

Access to technological advancements has created relatively low barriers to entry into the fingerprinting industry. But success breeds competition.

As fellow entrepreneurs, we know gaining a competitive edge requires the right mix of service and support options, industry know-how, and innovative technology that provides the basic and advanced fingerprint service options your customers are looking for.

Total Biometric Solutions Can Give You That Edge

Total Biometrics Solutions was designed to provide the kind of innovation and support fingerprint providers need to grow a successful business. 

 We have invested considerable resources into working with software engineers to update and enhance current fingerprint technology with the needs of independent fingerprint providers in mind.

As a result, our proprietary software solutions efficiently support many different business models, instantly allowing you to:

Obtain hardware and proprietary software solutions

Our one-of-a-kind software solutions and competitively priced hardware systems provide everything you need to offer the basic and advanced fingerprint services your customers are looking for

Secure installation/training options

As part of our support service package, we offer installation support services and facilitated online training sessions for our easy-to-navigate software interface, allowing you and your team to quickly master the nuances of providing fingerprint services

Optimize your market share

Fingerprint services provide a viable opportunity to expand service offerings for a variety of business types. It is our goal to help expand the industry by offering fair and flexible service and support options for every business owner, no matter the type of business or number of locations

Depending on your business model, you can


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You can purchase our competitively-priced equipment outright, and/or obtain a lease to take advantage of our proprietary software solutions. Our software features advanced fingerprint options provided by our Appendix F Certified LiveScan software as well as highly customizable business management solutions available through our one-of-a-kind management/scheduling software.

(free support for the first year/optional annual service plans are available)


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You can join our growing rank of trusted partners and secure a turnkey business development opportunity. Our Partnership Package allows you to quickly get started by providing all the equipment and training needed to provide basic and advanced fingerprint services. Partners are also entitled to technical, developmental, and marketing support services, along with a license to take advantage of the highly customizable business management solutions available through our proprietary management/scheduling software.


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You can obtain a license to take advantage of the advanced fingerprint options provided by our LiveScan software and/or the highly customizable business management solutions available through our propriety management/scheduling software.



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Already running a business?

You can upgrade your business with our proprietary management/ scheduling software.

Designed with the needs of business owners in mind, our state-of-the-art, innovative software is a management/ scheduling system on steroids!

With this proprietary design, you can automate processes to manage routine tasks – like  appointments, billing, and marketing – necessary to maximize the growth potential of any business.

TBS Hardware, Software and Support Solutions

TBS LiveScan Software

This state-of-the-art software was custom-made by our software engineers to support the very latest industry best practices. Our simple-to-use interface is FBI Appendix F certified and can transmit fingerprints directly to the FBI, ATF, and FDLE, as well as print to card.


TBS Hardware Systems

TBS offers the best fingerprint-related hardware at the fairest prices in the industry.

All purchases include the option to receive remote software installation/training; initial complimentary technical support, including live system support during regular business hours.

TBS Management/Scheduling Software

Our one-of-a-kind, proprietary software is designed to meet the needs of your growing business.

Our software engineers will work with you to create a fully customized interface to meet the unique management and scheduling needs of your business model.

This reports-driven software can be configured to help you Make/Monitor Appointments; Automate/Manage Billing; Enhance Marketing; and Set System Specifications for an unlimited number of locations.

Flexible Service Options

Total Biometrics Solutions seeks to be a premier resource for Fingerprint Service Providers.

Our business model is purposely designed to offer the level of support and service our customers desire.

You can choose to purchase our hardware outright, join our growing rank of Partners, or license an option to access our proprietary software solutions.  No matter what option you choose, you can access the preferred level of ongoing live and online support.

Our web-based software is FBI Appendix F certified and has been accepted as an approved vendor for the Florida Deepartment of Law Enforcement (FDLE). We guarantee all personal identification processed by our system is fully encrypted and secure.

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